Have you ever wondered how to cut single-strength or double-strength glass? Cutting glass itself isn’t difficult, however, it does require a steady hand, the ability to measure, proper tools, and knowing the thickness of the glass.

5 Simple steps on how to cut a piece of single or double-strength glass:

  1. Prepare the work area. Make sure the work area is clean and free of debris. You will also need a cutting mat, a glass cutter, a straightedge, and safety glasses.
  2. Measure the glass. Use a ruler or measuring tape to mark the desired dimensions on the glass.
  3. Score the glass. Place the glass cutter on the glass at the start of the cut line. Apply firm, even pressure and pull the cutter towards you in a smooth, continuous motion. The glass cutter will leave a small, even score line in the glass.
  4. Snap the glass. Place the glass on a flat non-scratchable surface, score side down. Apply pressure to the center of the score line and bend the glass in opposite directions. The glass should snap cleanly along the score line. It may work better to place a No. 2 pencil about 2 inches under beside the score line to help get a clean break.
  5. Finish the edges. Use a glass file or sandpaper to smooth out any sharp edges on the glass. Swift hands on this step, no need to apply hard pressure as you are just smoothing the edges so they are not rough.

Safety tips to keep in mind when cutting glass:

  • Always wear safety glasses when cutting glass.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure when scoring the glass, or you could shatter it.
  • When snapping the glass, be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.
  • If you are not comfortable cutting glass, it is best to reach out to Discount Glass and Screen and we can do it for you!
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